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The modern day lifestyle and stress has increased the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients all over the world. As more and more elderly get affected by these memory loss related diseases, they become a growing concern for their caretakers. Whether their caretakers are their children or individuals from various NGOs or senior care centers, keeping track of such patients is always a task. Some of the most prominent issues with taking care of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia are keeping track of their medication and location. Especially, as a slip in either of these could lead to fatal results. The Vyzin Empowered Security And Guidance (VESAG) watch offers a practical solution to both. The VESAG watch is not only a wireless health monitor that keeps a track of the patient’s key health parameters, but also offers the ability to set customized medication reminders and has a GPS tracker.
The watch helps monitor the blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, pulse, temperature, etc. of the patient and also sends alerts when these parameters reach alarmingly high levels. The medicine reminders give such patients a sense of independence and confidence, as they do not have to be constantly reminded about taking their medication. It also assists caretakers in providing effective health care. The in-built GPS tracker is especially useful when such patients wander away. Their whereabouts can easily be tracked by placing a simple call to the 24/7 support team of VESAG.
In addition to alerting emergency response teams when the patients are distressed, the VESAG team also informs the caretakers of the situation. Since the watch stores vital health related information such as the blood group of the patient, surgery history, allergies, etc., it becomes easier for medical teams to act in case of an emergency. The VESAG watch, thus, not only helps monitor such patients, but gives them a sense of security.

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